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Granite is one of the most durable and attractive materials used for countertops and if you are in the market for new countertops it is important to know all about granite countertops.


Quartz, many people have a new interest in quartz becouse it is essentially maintenance free-no sealing & you can clean it with simply soap and water.


Backsplashes are functional, but they can also serve as an accent piece for your kitchen and bathroom. We offer unique designs and custom installation of backsplashes based on your overall design.


The bathroom vanity is an important part of the room that everyone uses on a daily basis. We can offer you beautiful and durable vanity countertops that will put a new shine to your bathroom.




Bayside Family Upgrades their Entire Home with Granite Stone Slabs


Bayside is a nice, small community found inside of Wisconsin. It is situated in Ozaukee and Milwaukee counties, boasting a small general population of 4,418 as of 2013. This town is actually considered a village, which accurately suits this tight-knit community. In 2010, 89 people out of the total population resided in Ozaukee county, while the others lived in Milwaukee county.

This village is so small that there are only two public primary school distracts that serves the town. You can find the Bayside School District in the eastern part of the village and Maple Dale-Indian Hill School District on the western part.

The town has its own police department. It contracts EMS and fire fighting services to North Shore Fire Department.

Bayside is comprised of mainly Caucasians (90 percent). The rest of the population is a mix of African American, Asian, Native American and Pacific Islanders. Out of the 1,831 households here, nearly 30 percent of them have children and 62 percent have married couples.

Since this is a very small town, there aren’t many attractions here. However there are restaurants to check out, as well as the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. This is a great place to enjoy walking and biking on the trails and enjoying the outdoor scenery. It’s an excellent place for work out enthusiasts, children, couples and friends.

Home Updates Using Granite

An older couple decided it was time to spruce up their home. They decided to give Badger Granite a call. After speaking with our office staff, they wanted to hire us to install granite stone in multiple areas of their home. The property was mid-sized. Their children had long since left the nest. They were making various renovations throughout the property.

Badger Granite contributed in their remodeling work with granite stone, such as the kitchen counters, bathroom vanity and fireplace mantle. They also wanted us to install a slab of granite for the new bar. They just built inside of the dining area.

The couple was delighted to learn of the various brands and colors of granite that we offered. This gave them the opportunity to choose different colors based on the color schemes of the areas. In the kitchen, they decided to go with white granite stone with black veins. Then in the living room, the fireplace was updated with black granite to go with their cherry wood furniture. Lastly, the dining room bar was fitted with a beautiful light blue granite slab.

The bathroom was also done using a light gray, almost silver granite slab, which went well with the darker gray tile used on the walls and floors. All of the slabs of granite came from one of our popular brands – Silestone.

Happy Couple Invites Over Family and Friends

The granite were the final touches to their home makeover. Once we were completed, they were excited to start inviting people over to see their new home. The couple really struggled with the question of whether to sell the home or keep it. They didn’t really mind the size, and felt. It was good to have the additional space for when guests spent the night over the holidays. Their family lived out of state, so they stayed with them during visits.

The couple had local friends like to entertain for regular weekend parties. Now, that everyone was retired and had no children to raise. They held gatherings more frequently. This was the purpose of the new bar addition.

The couple and their guests really loved the touch of granite placed throughout the home, and gave plenty of compliments. This triggered the couple to send us a letter, giving us their gratitude for assisting with their home makeover.

Getting the Project Completed

It didn’t take a lot to give this couple satisfactory work. Our professionals are well-versed in countertop installations. We have been performing this service for decades. This was a pretty simple task that only took just a few days to complete. Everything had already been removed. All our men had to do was lay the slab on top.

The only area that required additional work was the fireplace.  We had to remove the wood mantle and replace it with the granite stone. The bar was also quick and easy, since it was brand new and there was nothing to replace.

Getting the slabs cut into the proper sizes was simple and performed by our trusted professionals. We made sure to measure twice and cut once. Ensure no mistakes were made during the cutting of the slabs. Everything came out as intended, allowing us to streamline the installation process. The couple could enjoy their homes and its new design.

Our Products and Services

At Badger Granite, there are various countertop installation packages available at varying prices. This allows our customers to choose the one that best suits their needs and budget. We are also able to customize the shapes and sizes, so that you have more freedom of choice.

We also offer a free 3D design service and estimate, which can be used to get the best stone slabs cut for your kitchen and bathroom. Our services include stone slab installations for backsplashes, bathroom vanity tops and kitchen countertops.

Available stone options include marble, granite and quartz in a variety of colors. Selecting a slab that perfectly matches your bathroom or kitchen is made easy when you shop through our selection of stones. We offer some of the highest quality stones on the market to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

If you are planning on remodeling your home with granite, marble or quartz stone, then give us a call for a free estimate!