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Granite is one of the most durable and attractive materials used for countertops and if you are in the market for new countertops it is important to know all about granite countertops.


Quartz, many people have a new interest in quartz becouse it is essentially maintenance free-no sealing & you can clean it with simply soap and water.


Backsplashes are functional, but they can also serve as an accent piece for your kitchen and bathroom. We offer unique designs and custom installation of backsplashes based on your overall design.


The bathroom vanity is an important part of the room that everyone uses on a daily basis. We can offer you beautiful and durable vanity countertops that will put a new shine to your bathroom.




New Kitchen Countertops Debuts in Burlington Home

Burlington is an interesting city. It earned the nickname “Chocolate City” because it is the site of the Nestle Chocolate Company factory serving the Midwest since 1966, much in the tradition of other cities in the US with chocolate factories that make them tourist destinations.


The fact that its motto is “The town with Tall Tales” is a little more obscure. It appears that in 1929, a publicity stunt by two freelance reporters claiming to have given the best lie medal to the city’s police chief. It caught on, spawning the formation of The Burlington Liars’ Club which gave out the “World’s Champion Liar” every year. The winner doesn’t have to be a Burlington resident, however. The dubious owner goes to Gene O’Brien from Waupaca, Wisconsin, who said “I grew up in a family with 16 children. I never got to sleep alone until I got married!” It’s pretty funny, until you realize that it is probably not a lie at all!

Despite the quirky nickname and motto, however, the first people to settle in what is now Burlington was descended from the English Puritans, which is why today, the population is mostly white (85%), although strangely enough, more than a third (38.4%) are of German descent. At any rate, the median age of residents is 40.5 years, and 42.9% of the population are now married. About 63% of housing units are family-led. The cost of living index in Burlington is slightly lower (98.2) than the US average (100), with the median family income of $47,191.

The city has four breweries in its jurisdiction, namely the Burlington Brewing Company, Van Merritt Brewing Company, Wisconsin Brewing Company, Finke and Uhen Brewery, in which presumably a substantial part of the 22% workers in the production industry call the workplace. This fact make sit more impressive that the average number of road traffic accidents in Burlington is way lower than the Wisconsin state average.

People of note that call Burlington their hometown include quite a few professional sports figures, many lawyers, state politicians, judges, military leaders, and celebrities. It is the home of three-time World’s Strongest Man winner Bill Kazmaier, writer Charles Edward Barns, and “father of the infomercial” Frank Cannella. Not bad at all for a city that has a total land area of 7.73 square miles.

Things to Do Around Burlington

One of the top things to do in Burlington if you’re a tourist, and that is to visit the Chocolate Experience Museum. Unlike the Hershey factory that tourists can visit, you can’t actually tour the Nestle chocolate factory, but the museum is probably better because you can do lots of fun things such as play the Mystery Chocolate game and the do the Morsels and Raisinets guessing game. You will also see many chocolate and candy works of art, including the chocolate knights.

If you are planning to visit Burlington during Memorial Day, you can take part in the yearly ChocolateFest.

Some people come to Burlington for more than the chocolates and candies, however. Echo Lake and the Fox River are great spots for angler fishing for both residents and visitors. Fishing season is year round in Burlington except for endangered fish species, lake sturgeon, muskellunge, paddlefish and trout.

You might also want to catch a performance by the community theater group Haylofters at the Malt House Theater, found along the Fox River. Just hope the local talent is particularly good when you do!

Young Housewife Hankers for Granite Countertops

The client had recently moved into two-bedroom ranch style home in Rochester situated over two acres of land. The home was charming and spacious, but the client did not like the old-fashioned appliances which took a lot of space in the small kitchen. She was planning to replace them with sleeker models, and wanted to replace the countertops to reflect the new look of the room.

She called us in to give a quote on replacing all the countertops with either granite or quartz stone. Upon inspection, we pointed out that with the existing red brick-pattern of the backsplash, it would be advisable to choose a countertop that is primarily a solid color, and suggested quartz stone. However, the client fell in love with an African Ivory granite, which is actually a good complement to the existing backsplash. We explained that it was a light granite that would not be much different from the white countertops she already had, but agreed that the subtle shades of pink and gray would give the room a warmer look. It would also go very well with the new stainless steel appliances she was getting.

After a bit more discussion, she settled on the African Ivory, and we took initial measurements to give her a cost estimate. She paid a deposit for the stone, and we promised to send the fabricator the next day to make the templates.

Installing the countertops

Removing the existing countertops took just a few hours, and upon inspection by the installer, the support structures were deemed adequate for the new granite countertops. This meant considerable savings for the client, with which she was very happy. The fabricator came in to make the templates to ensure that the cut outs would be precisely executed, and as the slabs were available, it only took two more days to deliver, install, and seal the new countertops.

Post Installation

The client made a very good decision in choosing a light colored stone for her new countertops, as it blended in with the other features of the kitchen. This meant a fast and affordable remodel that still completely transformed her kitchen from drab to delightful. Choosing granite was also a good move, because natural stone went much better with the ranch style home than a quartz stone would have.

The client was very pleased with the speed of installation, cost, and look of the new countertops. She expressed her appreciation at the personal way her requests were handled, and we were equally happy that she noticed. At Badger Granite, we take pride in making sure all our clients get the best products and service possible at all times, regardless of the size of the project. This particular job was simple and straightforward, but the difference was we were there every step of the way to address her needs and concerns and help her make informed decisions.

Happy Aftermath

The client sent us photos of her kitchen with the new appliances installed, and we were amazed at how much difference the countertops made to how it looked. Our advantage when working with clients is that we have their best interests at heart. We saw where we could save on costs without sacrificing quality, and the clients always appreciate it.

We could have suggested replacing the backsplash and new Artisan sinks from our excellent gallery, which would have certainly looked much better, but it wasn’t necessary for her to reach her goal. We made it easy for her to choose the easiest path to a better, more functional kitchen.
If you need new countertops and want to keep your costs under control, you can count on Badger Granite to give you just what you need. Contact us today and we will show you what we mean.