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Granite is one of the most durable and attractive materials used for countertops and if you are in the market for new countertops it is important to know all about granite countertops.


Quartz, many people have a new interest in quartz becouse it is essentially maintenance free-no sealing & you can clean it with simply soap and water.


Backsplashes are functional, but they can also serve as an accent piece for your kitchen and bathroom. We offer unique designs and custom installation of backsplashes based on your overall design.


The bathroom vanity is an important part of the room that everyone uses on a daily basis. We can offer you beautiful and durable vanity countertops that will put a new shine to your bathroom.

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Badger Granite is a full-service, granite, quartz and marble countertops fabrication and installation company with a wide range of expertise in dealing with virtually any type of project, distinguished for its reputation on high quality and craftsmanship. Aimed at solving any complex space and design problems, we work closely with homeowners, architects, builders and contractors to ensure perfection.  One of our prior concerns is to finish the project within the time frame and the budget that suits our customers.

Badger Granite is proudly serving all over southern Wisconsin, Milwaukee and Oak Creek area. Visit our showroom today or call for free estimate.

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Caledonia Granite and Quartz Countertops

One of the biggest concerns homeowners have when remodeling their home is finding a trustworthy contractor. This is a common issue we find in Caledonia when homeowners are looking for new countertop installations.

The great news is the internet can be a great tool in your search. It’s a good idea to use search engines and social media to find reviews for the countertops out there. You can learn a lot about a company before hiring them just by seeing their past customer reviews.

Many of our customers in Caledonia, WI have had luck finding Badger Granite this way.

Kitchen Countertops Caledonia

Many homes in Caledonia sport stone counters in the kitchen. This is because it enables homeowners to cook and prep foods without worry of harming their countertops. Certain stones are more durable than others, especially those that come from top brands, like Cambria, Caesarstone and Silestone.

Placing stone counters in your kitchen will allow you to chop foods without the risk of scratching up the surface. You can also prep foods without worry of stains caused by leaks and spills.

By updating the counters in your kitchen, you’re making it more impressive to guests, as well as potential future buyers. There’s just something about stone counters that appeal to just about everyone who sees them.

Bathroom Vanity Tops Caledonia

Beautiful bathroom countertops – how many homeowners can take pride in their restroom vanity tops? If you’re not one, why not upgrade them with a gorgeous stone, such as quartz, marble or granite? This way, you can enjoy using your bathroom without issues with causing damage.

If you opt for a natural stone, it’s best to have it sealed professionally, so it will last longer. Engineered stones are just as popular, since they look the part of a natural stone and offer high durability.

Those who use heat styling products and like to sit cosmetic bottles on the vanity top will find stone to be an exceptional choice. It’s heat and stain resistant, so it proves itself in this setting.

Granite Countertops Caledonia

The countertop material you select for your kitchen or bathrooms should be high-end. Out of the materials available today, stone continues to be a top choice. This includes the likes of granite.

Granite is a natural stone that’s mined in different parts of the world. Typically, you’ll find the best quality granite being mined in places in Asia and South America. This is where brands like Cambria, Siletones and Caesarstone acquire their slabs from.

And this is where Badger Granite obtains its granite stones from. Installing quality granite in your home increases the beauty of your home, as well as the functionality.

Marble Countertops Caledonia

There’s a reason why marble continues to be a top pick for bathrooms and kitchens. Residential property owners love the luxury it adds to their décor. So, they’re frequently installed in these areas of the home.

What’s attractive about marble is its natural beauty. The gorgeous colors and vein tones make it unique for each person who purchases it. The great thing about natural stones is that no two slabs are exactly alike.

So, the countertop you purchase is truly all your own. And to really make it more unique, you can opt to have edge profiles designed on your counters.

Quartz Countertops Caledonia

Quartz is the option for you if you’re looking for the best of both worlds. It’s an engineered stone that looks a lot like natural stone materials. Plus, it’s very durable and will last for many years. And what’s even better is it doesn’t have to be sealed.

It contains a resin that makes it very durable. So, no worries of accidentally scratching, cracking or staining it. It’s nonporous, which makes it less likely for bacteria to spread around.

What We Did in Caledonia

A lot of our customers come to us because they’re looking for a countertop company that’s reliable. We offer high-quality products that are durable and reasonably priced. You can’t get that anywhere else.

By providing this to customers in Caledonia, we’re helping them make the decision to remodel their kitchens and bathrooms with new counters. This, in turn, helps to improve the value of their houses. It also makes using these areas of the homes simpler, since they are durable and can withstand many tasks.

So, it’s no surprise that many of our clients give us five-star ratings for our high-end stone counters and quality installations.

Customer Says

Designing my home was one of the toughest things I ever had to do. Being faced with options makes it more difficult to decide on what you want. That’s what happened when I had to find a countertop company for my kitchen and bathrooms.

Thankfully, I could lower the list by eliminating those who didn’t have quality goods or who didn’t both sell and install the counters. This is when I came across Badger Granite. I found out about them online on Google local listing.

I received a free estimate and 3D design after getting an in-home consultation. Once I agreed, the project was done swiftly and the outcome was amazing.

About Caledonia

You can find the city of Caledonia inside Racine County, Wisconsin. It’s a residential community situated inside of Franksville, which is a village. Before 2006, Caledonia was a town. Then the state government disagreed with the city’s request to become a village.

Then later o in 2005, a referendum allowed Caledonia to become a village.

Need a Quartz and Granite Countertops Company in Caledonia

The contractors at Badger Granite are true professionals with many years of experience. We’re all licensed, bonded and insured and committed to giving you a top-tier countertop and installation.

All of our prospects receive a free estimate and 3D design. You can come by our showroom to hand select the slab you want installed in your kitchen or bathroom.

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