The Attractiveness of Granite Countertops

Before, kitchen countertops were very undermined and people were just buying the cheap laminate countertops for the purpose of having a counter where they can prepare the food. But today, the kitchen and its counter have taken the limelight. The kitchen served already as the heart of every home and your stone countertop strikes an [...]

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2020 Granite Countertops Cost Guide

It is undeniable that custom granite countertops can highly increase the curb appeal in your kitchen and bathroom. It has amazing hardness and resistance against scratch and heat. Likewise, the fine natural veinings and color transition of granite is completely stunning, the main reason why most homeowners are after it. Aside from enhancing aesthetics, you [...]

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Granite Countertops

Many people continue to choose granite for their kitchen countertops despite the growing popularity of other materials. In some cases, it is because it is a natural stone. In others, it is because of its uniqueness and durability. Whatever the reason, you will still find granite countertops is in many homes and continues to be [...]

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Starting at

$34.99 /sq. ft.