Overhead Lights to Showcase Kitchen Countertops

A good kitchen design always includes lighting because you can hardly work without adequate lights. However, some kitchen designs put much emphasis on task lighting, especially over kitchen countertops, when they are not necessary. The right overhead lights can provide general lighting that eliminates dark corners and still show off kitchen countertops just as well, [...]

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Maximizing Kitchen Countertops for the Holiday Season

Most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen as a matter of course. Many of the activities you do in there involve using the kitchen countertops, and in most cases, they hold up just fine under normal circumstances. However, with the holiday season almost at hand, you will need your kitchen countertops to [...]

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Matte versus Glossy Finishes for Kitchen Countertops

Making the right choices for your kitchen countertops can be difficult, given the many options available. Aside from the color and shape, you also have to consider the material you need for your particular lifestyle. In most cases, this boils down to granite or marble for natural stones, and quartz stone for engineered stones. Even [...]

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Choosing Kitchen Countertops for Undermount Sinks

Most kitchen sinks are drop in sinks, which means you drop them in to a prepared hole and the rims rest on top of the countertops. This is the most affordable option, hence its popularity. However, many homeowners are beginning to appreciate the advantages of undermount sinks.  Undermount sinks install under the countertops, so the [...]

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10 Design Trends for Kitchen Countertops and Upgrades in 2019

If you are considering a kitchen upgrade or remodel today, you might want to know that designs are trending for kitchen countertops and upgrades 2019. The overall idea is to put your personal stamp on the place with the different materials, colors, and textures available. The 10 design designs trends for kitchen countertops and upgrades [...]

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