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Granite is one of the most durable and attractive materials used for countertops and if you are in the market for new countertops it is important to know all about granite countertops.


Quartz, many people have a new interest in quartz becouse it is essentially maintenance free-no sealing & you can clean it with simply soap and water.


Backsplashes are functional, but they can also serve as an accent piece for your kitchen and bathroom. We offer unique designs and custom installation of backsplashes based on your overall design.


The bathroom vanity is an important part of the room that everyone uses on a daily basis. We can offer you beautiful and durable vanity countertops that will put a new shine to your bathroom.




Homeowner in Delavan Decides to Update Kitchen and Bath with Marble & Tile

Delavan is a city located in Walworth County, WI. It boasts a small population of over 8,400 people. You can find this city nearly inside the Town of Delavan, however the two are independent politically. The city of Delevancan be found in the middle of what used to be an inland sea. There were plenty of glaciers here duringthe last Ice Age. Today, all that is left of the Michigan tongue is what’s known today as Lake Michigan. A big piece of the glacier broke off and flowed southwest to Walworth County. Today, this piece of glacier is referred to as the Delavan lobe.

This area of Wisconsin had its first set of human settlers as far back as 1000 BC by the Native Americans. Later on, between 500 and 1000 AD is when the Mound Builders came to the Delavan Lake area. These groups of people were from the Woodland culture. They built over 200 mound structures along the shore.

What’s Delavan Like Today?

In today’s Delavan, you can find various attractions being held, such as the Delavan Train Show that comes around in March, Cinco de Mayo which comes in May, the Scarecrow Fest that’s in September and the Heritage Fest in August.

The beautiful rolling hills that make up Delavan offers residents picturesque views that make up southeastern Wisconsin. Delavan is only about an hour from Milwaukee and two hours from Chicago. Those who enjoy the outdoors are typically attracted to sites like Lake Delavan and Lake Geneva for fishing and other water activities. It’s a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Other things people can enjoy here include teeing at the Delbrook Golf Course, which features an 18-hole course. You can also enjoy golfing at the Geneva National Golf Club and the Lake Lawn Resort.

Delavan Homeowner Creates Beauty in their Own Home

A couple in Delavan decided it was time to make a few upgrades to their kitchen and two bathrooms. They contacted Badger Granite for some assistance with updating their floors, countertops, sinks and walls. At first, they weren’t sure which type of materials they wanted to use for the counters, but they did know they wanted it to be stone. That’s why they contacted us – they knew we offered a great selection of high quality stones like quartz, marble and granite.

We invited them to come to our showroom to take a look around at our available options. Our showroom consists of stones with an array of colors and designs. No two stone slabs are alike, providing you with a unique stone each and every time.

Our professionals went over the pros and cons of each of the stones, allowing the couple to make a decision they felt confident about. They decided to go with marble stone for the kitchen counters and bathroom vanities.

We then scheduled an appointment to come to their home to perform measurements of these areas. This way, we could cut the slabs before coming by to perform the installation.

Other tasks the couple wanted performed were tile installations for the bathroom walls and floors and the kitchen backsplash.

Another Set of Satisfied Customers

We’re happy to note that the couple were thrilled with the outcome of the project. Their kitchen and bathrooms looked really great and was done just in time for summer, when they opened their doors to familial guests, like away college children and their parents.

What really appealed to our customers was the speed of the work performed and the quality that was maintained. We understood the couple were working with time constraints, so we did our best to accommodate that schedule.

When the couple hired us, they made it known that they needed everything done within two weeks before the summer break came. We sealed the deal, then began cutting the stones right away. By the next day, we were at their home.

Completing the Stone and Tile Installations

Once we arrived to their property, we started removing the flooring in the bathrooms, as well as the counters in the bathrooms and kitchen. We were also able to install the bathroom vanities’ counters the same day. It took about three days to complete the project.

We began with the bathrooms, since this was the most work. We laid down the tile on day two and also placed tile along the shower stall wall to help prevent mold and mildew issues they dealt with in the past.

Next was the finishing touches in the kitchen, which included installing the cabinets and applying tile along the wall as a backsplash. The back of the stove wall also featured a tile to prevent splatter from messing up the wall. We also installed kitchen and bathroom sinks.

By the end of day three, we were ready for clean up, and we made sure to leave it spotless, so they wouldn’t have any mess to worry about.

Is it Time to Do Your Kitchen and Bathrooms?

If so, allow Badger Granite to do the installations for you. You can choose from our various selections of products to choose from that can be used to outfit your cooking and bathing spaces. For instance, we have a line of stainless steel faucets that are resistant to heat, stains and scratches, providing very little maintenance to keep them looking great. These can be used along with our various sink options, which are sold in various styles.

You can choose sinks that feature the 50/50 double equa sink, the 60/40 offset, 70/30 offset or the 80/20 offset. There are also single sinks you can purchase as well. These are all made with beautiful, elegant stainless steel that’s heat, stain and scratch resistant and virtually maintenance free.

Other products we offer includes tile and stone of various colors. You can choose marble, quartz and granite counters. These can also be used for backsplashes.

If you’re currently looking to remodel your kitchen and bath counters, then give Badger Granite a call today!