Granite Kitchen Countertops


Granite slab samples for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and fireplaces. For more samples please visit our showroom.


Granite slab samples for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and fireplaces. For more samples please visit our showroom.

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Choosing Granite

Granite is a famous preference for home use, especially when it comes to kitchen granite countertops and vanities. It is a sort of herbal rock formation categorized with the aid of using geologists as “igneous,” which interprets to “of rock” as it comes from magma trapped only underneath the earth’s crust. In this modern world, People are searching for granite near me online. That method it’s far pretty much everywhere on earth, central to it turning into the maximum considerable stone withinside the world. Millenia of excessive temperatures and pressures caused its formation, one-of-a-kind for the seen crystals and veins from Quartz Countertops and different minerals which includes feldspar and mica. Granite is extraordinarily challenging, particularly due to its quartz content. Quartz is a drab or translucent mineral with a hardness score of seven withinside the Mohs scale. To come up with a concept of that method, a diamond prices ten at an equal scale. That makes quartz very tough certainly, and granite is one standard product of 40% quartz. We are trustable granite countertops suppliers in the USA. Some granites have extra quartz, and that they tend to be greater long-lasting and much less porous. Because of its abundance and durability, it’s been the desired stone of historical Egyptians and Greeks for his or her monuments and buildings. Today, house owners select granite due to the fact it may face up to lots of use and weight as lengthy because it has the right support, continually a significant aspect whilst it’s far used for countertops. Under the proper circumstances, your granite countertops might also additionally nicely remain for decades, indeed a whole lot longer than something else withinside the domestic. Aside from its durability, granite is each heat- and scratch-resistant, which once more makes it the perfect fabric to be used inside the kitchen. It is likewise appropriate for lavatory vanities, and hearth surrounds. 

What granite can be used for

As mentioned above, granite has many makes use of across the home. If you need a herbal stone that isn’t best long-lasting however smooth, then granite is the stone for you. However, granite isn’t best beneficial for kitchen countertops, Kitchen Sinks, bathroom vanities only. It has lengthy been used as wall cladding for business buildings, water fountains, ground tiles, memorials, or even the constructing cloth itself. The city of Monsanto is constructed in, under, and round herbal granite boulders as it became less expensive than transferring them out of the way, and it’s been around due to the fact Medieval times. However, maximum granite used for production is quarried first, after which reduce to specification inclusive of the monuments located withinside the city of Mahabalipuram in India. The granite countertops are trendy for kitchens.

Mount Rushmore Memorial is any other instance of ways granite in its herbal placing is cleverly utilized. The faces of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson are carved for posterity at the rockface. The maximum marvellous use of granite, however, can be the Great Pyramid of Giza. While it’s miles more often than not manufactured from large blocks of limestone, the internal chambers comprise granite blocks, and it became constructed properly earlier than there became any of the cutting-edge generations we’ve these days for quarrying, cutting, and carrying large rocks. How the historic Egyptians controlled that feat continues to be a mystery these days.

Granite color options

Granite is available in a massive form of colours; however, the maximum common ones tend to be at the mild side. Quartz and feldspar, the two principal additives of granite, are each colourless to mild-toned rock material, that’s why granite tends to be at the mild quit of the spectrum. However, granite commonly sports activities darkish veins and pretty great splashes of ambitious coloured crystals, basically as it additionally carries darkish coloured minerals, on the whole, earth tones. Sometimes, you’ll come upon granite stones which are nearly intense black or different darkish colour. Technically, those aren’t granite, however of the granite family, including basalt and gabbro. It doesn’t sincerely be counted due to the fact they have got maximum of the traits we like approximately granite, inclusive of its sturdiness and a distinctive look. You can find us by granite countertops near me.

Why granite install in your home

Granite is a herbal stone, so every granite (or granite-like) slab is unique, even though they arrive from the equal block of stone. This may be trouble while you are attempting the healthy them to every different or design. However, in case you solve to have the herbal stone in your house, you also are shopping for into the concept that the mild variations in colour and styles are precisely what is going to make your kitchen Counetrtops, bathroom, or dwelling room unique. Granite also is most important promoting factors for plenty of home buyers nowadays. 

They aren’t handiest beautiful; however, maximum humans recognize that granite will ultimate for plenty of years. They have already calculated of their heads how an awful lot of cash and problem they’ll store from now no longer having to update the present ones in your house once they make you an offer. While a few granite countertops are porous, this is effortlessly remedied with the proper seal, so it’s far secure for meals preparation. Any funding you’re making nowadays in putting in granite in your house comes lower back to you in phrases of including the cost to your home.

How to maintain granite

Maintaining granite surfaces isn’t always as hard as a few humans make out. True, there are commercial granite cleaners available; however, they’re now no longer necessary. If you’ve got an intact seal for your granite for those who need it and also you keep away from putting warm or greasy pots and pans at once at the surface, you then definitely most effective want an easy cleansing routine to keep it pristine. For each day, cleansing, heat water, moderate dishwashing soap, and a smooth cloth is all you want. If you need to disinfect it, buy a bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol and spray it, adequately diluted with water, at the granite. Wait a couple of minutes to permit it doe its work, after which wipe it dry with a smooth fabric.

Preventing damage granite

You are ought nonetheless to exercise affordable care to save you unfavourable your granite surfaces. It could be very long-lasting and scratch-resistant; however, you may crack or chip it in case you strive difficult enough. For reliable granite, you need to search granite countertops supplier near me. If you need to preserve your granite countertop searching vivid and beautiful, ensure you’ve got an intact seal, and don’t hit it with something heavy with force, mainly the rims and regions without an under-support. Here are a few different recommendations to defend your granite from damage:


  • Wipe up spills immediately, primarily if it’s far something containing wine, vinegar, coffee, oil, or lemon.
  • Use protecting warmness pads or trivets whilst setting down warm cookware.
  • Avoid moisture accumulation from bloodless beverages with the aid of using the use of coasters.
  • A baking soda and water poultice can put off stains
  • Use warm water to put off cleaning soap scum.
  • Do not ever use detergents which might be abrasive or includes bleach or ammonia.

Installation granite and pricing

There isn’t always denying that granite countertops are an excellent investment. Granite is greater pricey than non-stone countertop materials as it takes a lot attempt and price to get it out of the ground, system it into ready-to-use size stone slabs, and deliver it to our showrooms. Installing the granite itself does now no longer take that long. However, the prep paintings is an entirely different story. Before we can install your new countertops, we ought to put off the prevailing ones, look into the assist and update if necessary, and make the templates earlier than we can even begin cutting the slab. All in all, you’re looking at the very least five days wait time for inventory slabs, and numerous weeks for tables that ought to be ordered or customized, relying on many factors.

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