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Muskego Homeowner Expands Kitchen with New Counters

city of muskegoThe city of Muskego is found in Waukesha County, and it is the fifth largest in the area with a total area of 35.98 square miles, of which a considerable area (4.38 square miles) is water. This is due to the three lakes contained within the city borders, namely Little and Big Muskego Lake and Lake Denoon. Big Muskego Lake is rather shallow, never going deeper than four feet, and is surrounded by wetlands redolent with cattails. In contrast, the connected Bass Bay goes as deep as 23 feet, and Little Muskego lake is even deeper, at a maximum of 66 feet. Lake Denoon also goes deep, up to 55 feet. There was a proposal to drain the lakes in 1854, but it was never carried out.

The original inhabitants of the city were Potawatomi Indian, and was their last hunting grounds in Waukesha County. They named it Mus-kee-Gac, which means sunfish, referring to the lakes is Muskego. The Bicentennial symbol of the city represents the settlement of the Yankees, Germans, English, Norwegians, and Irish at various times and areas. The first white people arrived in 1827, and 5 years later, the Potawatomi tribe left it for good. The first of the permanent settlers were a New Hampshire family called Luther Parker.

The incorporation of Muskego as a city occurred in 1964, and encompassed neighboring communities Durham Hill and Tess Corners. It eventually became a bedroom community for those employed in Milwaukee.

As of 2014, the population of Muskego was 24,621, a majority of which are white, with 2.7% Hispanic, and 1% Asian. The median household income as of 2015 was $84,446, significantly higher than the Wisconsin median of $55,638.
Among the notable notables in the area include a Wisconsin state senator Henry Lockney. Who was born in Muskego, and territorial legislator Luther Parker, who also happened to be a Muskego pioneer. Football player Andrija Novakovich and cyber security advisor Howard Schmidt also called Muskego home at some point.

Things to do in Muskego

The once-rural community has come a long way from the farmlands, but residents and tourists alike still continue to spend much of their leisure time at the lakes. This includes fishing (northern pike, large-mouth bass, and walleye), waterskiing, sailing, and boating. A water ski show performed by the Muskego Waterbugs happens every Wednesday during summer north side of Little Muskego Lake facing Idle Isle Park.
Muskego was once the site of the fastest roller coaster in the world, a ride at the now defunct Muskego Beach Amusement Park, renamed DandiLion Park in 1968. The amusement park was closed soon after the Marriott’s Great America, now known as the Six Flags Great America, opened in 1976.

Extended version

The clients were sisters that had grown up in their contemporary bi-level Muskego home with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms, and enjoyed access to Little Muskego Lake. While the house itself was well-kept and charming, the sisters found the workspaces in the kitchen inadequate. They had been planning to expand it for some time, and had finally purchased and installed cabinets along one wall. We were called in for a quote on installing new counters for the new cabinets, replacing the existing ones, and putting in backsplashes.


The clients immediately expressed interest in our winter sale for $39 per square foot for a minimum of 45 square feet of premium quality 3-cm granite counters available in three colors. The package included installation and sealing, an undermount sink, standard edging, and removal of the existing laminate counters. The total area of the needed counters were slightly less than 45 square feet, but the clients were delighted with the total cost. We added on the cost of the backsplash they had selected from our catalogue and signed a deal there and then.

Project issues

The main problem we encountered with the project was with the old cabinets, which were canted slightly. It required modifying some of the support structure and inserting shims under the stone to ensure a level installation. We estimated it would take four days to complete the project once the templates were available.


The project went smoothly despite some delays because the clients had neglected to empty the cabinets as we had requested. However, the work crew made short work of removing them before laying down plastic sheeting and starting on the demo. The laying of the backsplashes took two days as the existing walls needed considerable prepping before the thinnest could be applied, and needed to cure for 12 hours. The counter installation itself went quickly, and we could turn over the room back to the clients on time.

Post installation

The additional cabinets increased the storage space of the kitchen by 30%, and the additional long counter made the kitchen much more efficient. The clients were delighted at the results, and commented that they had never realized how ugly their old counters had been before they saw the granite in its place. They also admired the effect of the backsplash, transforming the wall into a work of art. They thanked the work crew personally for a job well done when the kitchen was turned over, which was nice. It’s always good to have your work appreciated.

Increased functionality

Most people make do with what they have when it comes to the kitchen, but that can be counterproductive. It is important for a kitchen to have adequate storage and work space to work efficiently. Since most people spend a considerable time in the kitchen, the investment in durable and beautiful counters is well worth it.

Badger Granite specializes in quick turnaround for kitchen and bathroom remodels, and we make a point of providing only the best products and services at the lowest possible costs. We regularly transform kitchens and bathroom countertops in Wisconsin, and the best part is, a free estimate is just a click away. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom anytime soon, make the easy decision and give us a call. We guarantee you will be the better for it.