Cloud Vicenza

VIVA- crafted for you, Some are satisfied with what they are familiar with but at VIVA we are only satisfied when we have achieved perfection.

With it’s subtle-tone gray background, soft gray clouds and delicate long veins, Cloud Vicenza is an ideal choice for contemporary and modern designs where a durable, elegant, and maintenance free surface is desired.Create beautiful and durablequartz countertops, kitchen islands, floors, backsplashes and accent walls. Available in both 2cm and 3cm.

VIVA’s constant endeavour is “To fit in and still stand out”. The pursuit of perfection makes us boldly challenge the status quo to craft the luxurious of patterns on the strongest of surface.
Come aboard and discover the unique VIVA experience

Product Description


Slab Size 129”x64”
Slab Thickness 2.0 cm & 3.0 cm
Surface Polished


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